In-Depth Look at The Multitasking Features of The UMi Plus Device

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The UMi Plus stands at a bargain amongst other devices possessing the same features, as it can be purchased at the rate of $179.99. And features Helio P10 Octa-core SoC, RAM of 4GB, 4000mAh battery size with fast charge support, 13MP camera with PDAF and Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box, which comes with a twist, seeing that the upgraded 7.0 Nougat version will be out around Xmas.

Lest not forget, the Helio P10 processor looks compatible with the installed 4GB RAM which provides efficient and powerful performance for smooth multitasking. There are also other unrecognised features that combine to make the UMi Plus special.

SHARP 5.5” Display Panel

As we know, SHARP are the provider of the display panel and have set the pace to be amongst the best when it comes to sunlight visibility and colour saturation for display screens. There are claims that there is 17% better overall colour saturation for a richer viewing experience and sunlight visibility.

The display of the UMi Plus will have 95% NTSC which gives rise to vivid colours. UMi is not the first user of the panel, as it has also been used in some Meizu and Xiaomi models.


Programmable Shortcut Button

The Plus features  are  programmable shortcut buttons for the fast launch of apps with Camera being set by default, but you can customise or change it as you like in order to have your choice of an app within a single click.



Virtual on-screen Buttons and Physical Buttons

As not many devices feature both the virtual buttons and physical buttons, the UMi Plus has it and has given users the choice of choosing one over the other.


The Samsung® 13MP Camera Sensor

The camera department is one attractive feature that can convince a prospect buyer to purchase any smartphone, and the UMi Plus is no exception. The device uses Samsung® 13MP camera PDAF which is a 0.1s ultra- fast focusing technique commonly found in DSLR cameras.

There is a dual ISP processing for exceptional image quality and a camera app which provides “manual mode” enabling you to have total control of most of the camera functions. The “auto mode” on the other hand, is ideal for point-and-click users.


Notification LED

Embedded in the notification light are three glowing colours- red, blue, and green. The light blips at any notification alerts such as missed call, SMS, and many others.


The Fast Fingerprint Sensor

The Fingerprint sensor adopted by UMi Plus is included into the home button, unlocking at a speed of 0.1s. It is reliable and faster compared to using passcodes or patterns, as the dedicated chip encrypts and stores your fingerprints in a safe mode denying access to unauthorised users.


If this article has made you interested in the UMi Plus, please let us know in the comments you can also participate in the giveaway promo for a chance to win the device for free.

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