iFOREX Mobile App Provides Mobile Trading Platform for Investors

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The iFOREX mobile app is a state-of-the-art product for investors who are on the go and need a trading platform that provides real-time pricing and trading capabilities at every moment. The application has key features which include all iFOREX’s CFD shares, indices, commodities and currency pairs.  You can easily monitor your positions, place trades, view your balance sheet and see all of your margin account details.  The app integrates technology such as swipe to close gestures and allows you to customize your layout so that you see what you need as soon as you open your app.  You can download the app via the App store or Google play.

Trading iFOREX Assets

The app provides investors with most of the 200-shares, global indices, currency pairs and commodity CFDs that are offered by iFOREX.  This allows you to trade your account while on the go. If a new piece of data is released and you are not at your workstation, you can trade any of the assets that are offered on the iFOREX platform.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The mobile app has the capability of allowing you to deposit additional funds. This can become a key feature if you need to add capital to your account, especially if you want to avoid a margin call. In addition, if you quickly need to withdraw your funds, you can handle this using the app and avoid having to wait until you return to your workstation.

Placing Trades and Monitoring Your Positions

The mobile application is ideal for traders on the go. You never know where you might be when important information is released to the market and having the capability to enter and exit provides invaluable opportunities. The app provides you with a position monitoring system, that allows you to see your real-time profit and loss in conjunction with your open positions. If you want to make a trade, the app provides you the flexibility to easily open and close positions in one easy step.

Your wallet, balance sheets, equity and margin details

The iFOREX app has seamless access to all your pertinent financial data.  You can see the funds in your account, as well as your open positions which provide you with a balance sheet.  You can see all your transaction and money moving in an out of positions.  The app provides you with access to your equity as well as any capital that is borrowed on margin. The cost of borrowing is located within your balance sheet, so you can see your net leverage.

Execution Gestures

The iFOREx app allows you to easily transact without trying to find the security you are looking to trade. Most importantly, the app has execution gestures such as ‘swipe to close’.  If you quickly need to take profit or stop out of a position, this feature comes in handy. It is also very easy to initiate a new transaction that will increase your risk.

Customizable layout for easy usage

One of the most important features is the ability to customize the mobile app layout. When you open your app, you don’t want to have to scroll through several pages to find the information you are looking for. If you want to go directly to your position page this can be easily accomplished. The flexibility provided by the state of the art technology makes the iFOREX mobile app an excellent trading tool.


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