Huawei Unveils 10000mAh Power Bank For $29

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Huawei took center stage in China to officially unveil their next generation flagship smartphones under the p-series of devices tagged with the moniker Huawei P10 and P10 Plus. In that event, Huawei also took it upon themselves to introduce yet another device, but it is not a smartphone.

We are talking about the beastly power bank which has a monstrous 10,000mAh of juice and making it even better is the presence of the fast charging technology which would definitely cut down on the time wasted to charge some handsets.


The new gadget comes with a premium looking exterior which shows us a proof of masterclass craftsmanship with well smoothened curved and an overall well designed body. The aluminum chassis comes with a flagship style finish and a number 10 designed on its body.

That’s not all though, the folks over at Huawei has also given this monstrous portable charger three different color versions which includes moonlight silver, grey and green. However, as of now, only the grey variant has been listed on Huawei’s Official online store but they have managed to keep us in the dark as to when the power bank would go on sale.


Thanks to its thick aluminum chassis, the risk of explosions and other safety options have been dealt with. There is word out that this power bank cam fully recharge a completely discharged battery pack in under 30 minutes and this is thanks to the 4.5V/2A 22W capability it features.


More interestingly, the power bank can be fully recharged just as quickly as it can recharge a handset as it also comes in with the same fast charging feature for itself. All these brings this portable charger to a pretty cheap price tag of just about $29.

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