Huawei Not Letting Samsung Have All The Fun By Creating Its Own Voice Assistant Platform Too

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If latest rumors are anything near the truth, then Chinese smartphone manufacturer Huawei might just be on the verge of taking on Apple, Google and Amazon in the virtual voice assistant domain.

As per reports, the company is looking to introduce the ‘’Voice Assistant’’ feature in China only as of now. According to another report, a squad of over a hundred engineers is believed to be in the early stages of developing the technology at its Shenzhen, China offices.

Furthermore, the Huawei assistant feature is mainly targeted at consumers in China and will communicate in various Chinese languages. Having a custom virtual assistant built into the handset will certainly help Huawei branded-smartphones stand out, especially with Google’s services being blocked in China leaves the Google Assistant unusable.

The company has reportedly disclosed that it will continue to work with Google and Amazon outside of China, rubbishing rumors that it has finally abandoned Google altogether. Also, Huawei reportedly announced that it would make use of Alexa as the voice assistant on its Mate 9 handsets in the US market.

We can all agree that Huawei isn’t the only handset manufacturer looking to get in on the voice assistant market. Last year, Samsung acquired Viv Labs, a startup led by the same team that worked on Apple’s Siri. Samsung plans to unveil its own voice assistant in its upcoming flagship smartphone devices, to be called Bixby.

Microsoft also has the Cortana technology, but with the demise of Windows Phone, the state of Cortana seems to be in constant flux.

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