Huawei Leads Q2 2016 Smartphone Shipments In China

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Looking at the Chinese market one can tell that the country’s smartphone manufacturing giants are really having a good time as they are making millions of smartphone sales in China of as 2016 that it becomes difficult to differentiate the best from the rest.

Nonetheless, Information Handling Services (IHS) market analyst in China Kevin Wang has divulged the top ranking smartphones manufacturers centered on the sales made in the second quarter of 2016. And it’s not at all surprising that Huawei tops the league, leading the pack of other equally competitive Chinese companies as Huawei has sold over 32 million handsets during the Q2 2016.

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However you are looking forward to what other smartphone manufacturers has to offer, like Xiaomi that recently launched its flagship, the Redmi Pro Model last week and are prepared to launch its other premium devices like the Mi Note 2 and Mi 5S. Probably, Xiaomi may be propelling towards the top of the ranking in the next quarters to come with its latest devices.

Speaking of other OEMs like OPPO and Vivo, we still don’t know what they have in mind for the upcoming quarters. Despite the fact that OPPO is preparing the release its OPPO F15 in the first week of August, we still don’t have enough details concerning this device.


More so, we are hoping on seeing yet another device from Huawei, the Huawei Honor Note 8 come to the open today. The release of these devices along with the honor 8 should be able to bring sufficient sales for the company in the coming quarters.

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