Huawei Launches First Smartwatch Devices For Children

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Today marks the day Huawei released its first smartwatch which is specially made for children, these smartwatches were carefully and nicely designed in collaboration with Disney and Marvel in producing a magnificent and awesome design. The wearable has been the headline since today as many fans have gone out to purchase it for their kids.

As we heard, this Huawei children smartwatch which has just been released earlier today is said to feature designs which are themed around four famous cartoon character which is need no form of introduction to any 21st Century Kid namely Minnie, Mickey, Frozen Four, and Captain America and it’s also said to come at a cheap price of $104 which we believe to be a reasonable price.

This smartwatch as we all know isn’t just an ordinary piece or a toy any child can have but is totally different from others as it comes equipped with great features which make it a true smart device.

This wearable uses a GPS, Compass, WLAN, and finally acceleration sensor. However, it is also powered by the Huawei’s own cloud services wherein all communications, record and data’s are saved in the cloud server.

Also implemented in this device is the not just innovative but also awesome ‘shake’ feature. This is a feature which helps to turn on connections between two watches within a 10-meter radius, this operates by just shaking hands with the opposite also having the watch and information will be instantly shared.

The most interesting part is that the gadget also enables users to make calls and send sms similar to the dokiWatch. As the device was just launched today, try and grab one for your child.

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