Huawei Kirin 960 To Power Next Gen Meizu Pro 7 Flagship

As they are gearing up to launch the Helio P20 powered Meizu X smartphone, the Chinese Startup, Meizu have already started feeding the public with idea as to what to expect from their Next Gen Pro-series of device, with the next smartphone in line to be the Meizu Pro 7.

This handset has been subject to rumors over the past few weeks and it is here yet again. We do know that Meizu always goes for the best and statics have it that the best SoC as of now, is the Kirin 960 Processor from Huawei, so it is no surprise that the OEM has set plans to make this the chipset of choice for the upcoming Pro 7

meizu Meizu dropped the halo home button for the recent Pro series devices but then it is like this has been resurrected for the Pro 7 which also means that there wouldn’t be any fingerprint scanner in the home button section.

Taking a closer look on the back panel, no fingerprint scanner is added leaving us to deduce that they might just follow in the stead of the Xiaomi Mi 5S by adding an Ultra-Sonic fingerprint scanner below the glass.


From the leaked images, we can see that this handset would be coming in with a display similar to that which has been featured in the Samsung Galaxy S7 device adding it to the ever growing list of dual-curved display smartphones to be made available.

Rumors had it that the new Pro 7 would come equipped with dual-camera sensors at the back nonetheless, this leaked images didn’t show us any. All we could see is just a ring flash around the camera sensor which is pretty niche.

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