Huawei Hits The US With its Affordable Monochrome Fitness Tracker

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Finally, Huawei has unveiled its much anticipated smart fitness tracker. It comes with a durable battery that can last for a long while and its stands to be the best as compared to other color screen wears. The price tag on it is just $129.99 and it would be available on retail outlets like Amazon, Best buy, and Newegg.

Although, people might want to frown at the monochrome screen but then it’s worth the price. The fit comes with clear features like round face, precise heart rate sensors, and a multi-axis motion sensor.

fitness huaweian tracker

When it comes to fitness tracking, Huawei fit has accelerometer signals that automatically solve the problems you face while walking, lying, or even running. It measures your steps, distance, calories. To add to this, it helps moderate your pace when your go your track activities.

The Wear app on your iPhone or Android device can supply GPS coordinates to the accessory, too, if you have linked it with the watch via Bluetooth. Speaking of teeth, the Fit supports a Bluetooth 4.2 protocol, so the connection should be more stable and energy-efficient than before.

huaweiUnlike other accessories, the fitness band isn’t just stylish but well grounded on its acclaimed features. The battery is so powerful that it can last for 6 days with active activities and can also stay up to 30 days being on standby.

With the wearable sharing some similarities with a smart watch, it is naturally inclined to provide alerts and notifications for calls and various messages, stemming from the warm connection it has with the phone via Bluetooth.

It takes two hours to charge, and, last but not least, will be available in silver or grey versions for the body, with black, orange, or blue straps, which also come in wider, 20mm variation for larger hands.

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