HTC Reveals Report For The First Quarter of 2016

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HTC has been caught in the whirlpool of dwindling OEMs for some time now I don’t suppose there will be any savior smartphone coming to its aid anytime soon.

Not too long ago, reports came in that its 10 flagship is doing rather poorly than earlier anticipated which is quite saddening given how nicely optimized the “Power of 10” happens to look and feel – it is blissful perfection in every means imaginable.

The Taiwanese company recently released its fourth quarterly earnings which revealed that the company lost around 960M yuan ($147 million) in the first three months of this year with its total revenue dropping to 2.96 billion yuan ($456 million).

HTC 10

Contrasted with last year’s first quarter earning, it implies an enormous 64 % drop and the organization has amassed absolute loss of 3.79 billion yuan ($581 million) in the course of the last four quarterlies.

Given the exorbitant loss, HTC still stays positive and idealistic towards the future. While its smartphone business might not be holding out well for them, the HTC Vive virtual reality system might be there for the rescue.

HTC has invested a substantial $100 million into the development of its HTC Vive VR. The company appears to be content with what they already have on ground which includes devices such as the HTC One X9, Desire 825/630/530 and the almighty HTC 10.

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However, that doesn’t mean they will stop churning out smartphone. For the rest of the year, you can very well expect to see variations of its current 10 flagship as its customary for the Taiwanese company to release these multiple variants. Also, the adaptation of VR is rapid and HTC’s Vive headset came in just at the right time;

Also, the adaptation of VR is rapid and HTC’s Vive headset came in just at the right time; let’s hope that it thrives and not further drag the company down the pithole dying OEMs.

What do you think about HTC as a company this year? How do you feel about their 10 smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

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