How to Upgrade an Android Phone for Less Money

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You probably belong to the crowd which buys new smartphones every year. And while the average lifespan of an Android phone is pegged at a modest 20 months, there’s no denying that people would want to spend money to purchase a smartphone that has all the latest features.

It’s no surprise that the tech industry’s major suppliers of consumer mobile devices are churning out new products for the mass market. What’s so mind-numbing is that minor changes were made to these “new releases,” rendering the supposed need to buy the latest phone impractical.

Surely, there are ways you can keep your Android phone up to date that won’t cost you a fortune. That said, here are a few tips that can help the most frugal smartphone users upgrade their devices without the need to shell out too much cash.

  1. Increase your storage

Apparently, the world of big data is getting bigger and bigger every year. Smartphones are manufactured in a way that makes them capable of storing large volumes of data. That said, your first priority should be enhancing your phone’s data capacity, either by adding on an SD card to the internal storage or making technical upgrades to the phone itself.

  1. Replace electronic parts

That your smartphone isn’t performing just as well as the first time you bought it is probably due to the overuse of certain material parts. Over time, these components can wear themselves out and can affect your phone by increasing lag times and, in some cases, causing the device to overheat. If you have technical knowledge about smartphones, you can easily upgrade your device by replacing certain components. You might want to look for an electronic components distributor to help you find the parts that you’re looking for.

  1. Enhance your security

Cases of cybercrime such as ransomware and hacking are on a steady rise. That’s because the tools used for performing these illegal activities are becoming even more sophisticated. In order to protect yourself from the costly effects of being victimized by online crime, you might want to install the latest security apps and anti-virus software on your current device. You can also check out affordable alternatives that will secure your phone from the most prevalent risks.

  1. Replace the lens

Let’s face it. You want a smartphone you can use not only for web browsing and sending messages but also for capturing those picture-perfect moments. But instead of buying the latest Android phones with superior cameras, you might as well go the budget-friendly path by replacing the lens of your current device. You can also make use of attachments that can clip on to enhance the quality of images without having to open up the unit.

  1. Replace your battery

If your Android gets drained far too quickly, you might want to consider replacing the phone’s battery. Whether or not it’s removable, having your phone’s battery checked by a certified expert should save you money from buying a phone just for the extended battery life.

You don’t have to buy a new Android just to be trendy. Take these tips into account and forget about replacing your current phone… for now.

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