How to Set Android Application Permission in Chromebooks

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Mighty Google has been slowly working developing a system in order to allow you give authorizations to apps o your devices for a while now and with Marshmallow we saw it go live, and with just a few of the issues expected.

Since the Android apps on your Chromebook keep running in their own particular Android holder, you have the same control over consents as you would on any Android device. The main contrast is the way you get to them. It’s simple — and something we’d like to discover its approach to Android on your phone, as well.


Like any application introduced onto your Chromebook, you have a right snap (or two finger tap on the trackpad) menu. To discover all your applications, simply tap on the amplifying glass in the taskbar. The window that opens has symbols that represent your recently used applications and an alternate way to the all applications page right next to the top. Click the all applications symbol (or tap on the screen) to be automatically transferred there. In the event that you have introduced a lot of Chrome or Android applications, you will likely have various pages, and you can swipe between them with the trackpad. Discover the application you need to take in more about, and right snap — recollect that is a two finger tap on the trackpad — and you’ll see a menu.

One of the things there is named App data. In the event that you pick it, you’ll see the standard application data screen from Android. One of the segments here is Permissions, and in the event that you select it, the application authorizations window opens. Here you can pick what the application is permitted to do by ticking the little flip to one side of the window.

Right-click menu

Keep in mind that you may lose some functionality in the application in the event that you don’t permit it to do what it needs to do. A well-coded application can work around this, but the workaround may request that you empower the consent or simply shutting itself. Applications are introduced on Marshmallow with all consents denied, and in the event that you never visit these settings the application will ask you when it needs to accomplish something like get to your capacity or access your contacts.


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