How to Root the Galaxy S4

So you got your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and now you want to go ahead and root the beast? Well, we sure hope you know what you are about to do, because there are risks involved with any method of rooting and there are real chances of you ending up with a useless brick of a device. If for some reason however, you are unfazed and willing to proceed on your own responsibility, here is one way you can root the Galaxy S4:

You should checkout cofface’s thread on XDA since this is his method and tool.

This is a risky procedure, proceed at your own risk and responsibility. This method only works for GT-i9500, the international S4 model, it will void your warranty and increase your flash counter. The DroidReview will not be held liable in any case or scenario.

  • Before you begin, connect your S4 to your computer using the USB cable that came with it and wait for Windows to install the device drivers. You can also install Samsung Kies, which will automatically install the drivers for your device. Disconnect the phone after installation is complete.
  • Now you need to enable USB debugging, for which you will need to access the developer options menu. Developer options are most likely hidden (check by opening up settings and scrolling down – you should see developer options above ‘About phone’.
  • If you don’t have developer options, you will need to select ‘About phone’, and then tap on the ‘Build number’ field several times. Keep tapping it, and you will see a message that says ‘Developer mode has been enabled’. Now, go back and you will see developer options listed. Open up developer options and check the USB debugging option.
  • It is recommended that you charge your device up to 70% before you proceed so that you don’t lose power during the flashing (which will brick your phone). You also need to make sure you don’t lose power during the whole process. If your Desktop or Laptop shuts down during the flashing, you will damage your phone and probably brick it.
  • Now you need to download the zip file provided on the XDA page linked above. The file will be titled ‘’ and will include everything you need to root the Galaxy S4.
  • After downloading the file, extract it to a folder and check the contents. The folder should include a ‘.tar’ file, two ‘.dll’ files, one ‘.ini’ and one ‘.exe’ file. The Odin3.exe file is the software you are going to be using to flash the ‘.tar’ file to your device.
  • Close all instances of Samsung Kies (if you are running the software) and kill it from the task manager if possible to make sure it does not conflict with Odin.
  • Now run the file named Odin3.exe and it will start the software. Don’t change any settings – by default, only two options will be checked – ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’
  • Click on the ‘PDA’ button on the left bar (under Bootloader) and navigate to the extracted folder and select the ‘cofface_S4_recovery_en_V3.0.tar‘ file. Now the file should be listed in the ‘PDA’ box, and there should be a check next to it.
  • Now you need to put your S4 into ‘download mode’ by turning it off first and then switching it back on using ‘Volume Down + Home + Power’ keys. When the device turns on, you might need to press the Volume Up key to confirm download mode.
  • Once your Galaxy S4 is in download mode, use the USB cable that came with the device and connect it to your computer. If the device is successfully connected, one of the boxes under the ID:COM label in Odin will turn yellow and say something like [highlight]0:[COM37][/highlight]. If there is no number in the box or if it does not turn yellow, you probably didn’t install the drivers properly or the device is not connected to the computer.
  • If everything is how it should be (box is yellow and COM number is showing), make sure ‘Re-Partition’ is NOT checked – and then click the Start button to begin flashing (this will take around one minute max).
  • Once the PDA is flashed successfully, your phone will reboot and you will also see a ‘PASS’ message in a green box in Odin. Now you need to disconnect your phone, switch it off again and restart it with ‘Volume Up + Home + Power’ keys to enter recovery mode.
  • In recovery mode you will see the ‘root/unroot your phone’ option – tap it and you will see two methods, old and new.
  • You can try one of these first and reboot your phone to check whether you have root. If one doesn’t work, reboot into recovery again and try the other method and you will have root on your Galaxy S4.

Comment below and let us know if you run into any issues or if you successfully manage to root your Galaxy S4 using this method.

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