How to Reset Android Phone to Factory Settings (Native & Recovery Mode)

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While you can always remove any Android apps you don’t use (and you should), after several months of heavy use you may find your phone or tablet littered with apps and data you don’t even remember installing.

Instead of removing all the unnecessary apps individually and tracing data you want to delete, you can reset your Android phone to factory settings and have it like it was new.

There are basically two methods to reset Android phones, one within the settings menu and the other is via Android’s recovery mode – via both methods however, you will lose all your data, including your apps and media files.

Method 1: Reset Android phone via Settings Menu

#1. Open your phone’s Settings menu and look for the “Backup & Reset” option (under “Personal” settings).

#2. Tap on the “Factory Data Reset” option on the “Personal Data” screen.

#3. Tap on the “Reset Phone” button on the next screen to proceed.

#4. You may need to enter your password or PIN code if your phone is locked.

#5.  You can choose to erase everything, which includes all the data stored on your phone’s internal storage.

#6. Once the phone is reset, it will reboot and you will see Android’s welcome screen once again.

Factory Reset Android Phone

Method 2: Reset Android phone via Recovery Mode

#1. Turn off your phone before starting.

#2. Press both the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously and hold until your phone boots.

#3. You should see a display with options you can navigate between using the Volume Up button – select Recovery Mode by bringing the selector on it and pressing the Volume Down key.

#4. Now you will either see more options, or an Android icon with an exclamation mark – if you see the latter, proceed by pressing and holding the Power button and pressing the Volume Up key once (don’t hold it).

#5. When you see more options, navigate between them using the Volume Up an Down keys and select the “wipe data/factory reset” option by pressing the Power key once.

#6. Once the wipe is complete your phone will reboot and you will see Android’s welcome screen at startup.

Android Recovery Mode Factory Reset

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Android Lollipop 5.1 has added additional security features preventing a factory reset unless you have your Google account’s password with you (the account associated with the phone).

Even if your phone freezes or hangs up during the process, wait a while, but if the phone is unresponsive for more than 30 minutes, you can reboot via the Power key or remove the battery manually and start again.

We hope this guide helps you reset your Android phone to factory settings. If you still run into any issues, feel free to contact us by commenting below and we’ll do our best to help.

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