How to get iOS Gestures on Android

Most of you have probably seen the cool gesture controls on iOS devices, allowing you to pinch the screen and close apps or switch between different ones with swipes. While Android does not natively support gesture controls, you aren’t completely left out thanks to a couple of useful apps, which bring the same functionality to Android devices.

GMD GestureControl Lite ★ root

If you have a rooted Android, you are in for a treat because GMD Gesture Control brings every conceivable gesture functionality to your Android. While I am going to list the free version here, there is a paid pro version which had additional options and is worth the money if you find gesture control useful.

The app requires root and has a few useful preset gestures, but the real fun is in creating your own custom gestures to do whatever you want. For instance, I have set up a custom gesture where I simply move 3 fingers in a counter clock-wise direction to lock my Android’s screen without ever using the power key. Another useful custom gesture I have configured is the pinch-to-kill gesture for shutting down apps I don’t want to keep running in the background.

The preset gestures include swiping your fingers left and right to move between apps, tapping the screen to alternate between running apps, swiping up to go back and expanding fingers to bring up the launchpad.

The launchpad is actually very useful, allowing you to select apps you use most commonly and then accessing them quickly, even if you are running another full-screen app.

If you are setting up custom gestures, you can choose which edge of the screen to activate the gesture from, how many fingers to use and which direction to swipe or rotate. There is also a wide variety of action options to choose from for your custom gestures.

All in all, this app is the one-stop solution to getting gesture control on your Android device and is a must if you own a large screen Android device, like a tablet or a phablet.

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Apex Launcher (Without Root)

If you don’t have root, you still have a way to get basic gesture controls. Go to the Play Store and download Apex Launcher (the free version supports very basic gestures). In the launcher settings you will find the option to configure gestures. Two-finger gestures are only available in the paid version, but you can configure the launcher to bring down the notification panel with a single swipe-down anywhere on the screen (saves you from having to drag down the status bar every time).

While the paid version brings more gestures, the upgrade is not worth it if you only want gesture control. This is as far as you get without rooting your Android.

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