How to Fake Your Location With Android (Spoofer)

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The world has transpired into a global village where distance is no longer a barrier for communications or transactions. The internet has indeed transformed our world and brought us closer be it through computers or smartphones.

Now it is unfortunate that certain benefits of the internet are available to only those that meet the necessary requirement to use them (current location is the most common example).

In the android market there are many apps and services that don’t work unless you’re in a particular country. At first the only way to fix the problem was to move physically to the regions where the app or service is supported.

But now the quite versatile OS continues to surprise us with new features and functionality, faking one’s GPS location is now as easy as pie. The best part is that this ability is available to all versions of the Android OS regardless of the device manufacturer.

Here is a walk through of how to spoof your location with Android:

#1. The first thing you need is a Spoofing app. We will be using “Fake GPS Location Spoofer Free” but there are others with similar setup as this also available for you. This app is available over at the Google Play store.


#2.  After installing the app, open it. It would request that the GPS be enabled that’s if it’s off. Make sure that your WIFI is turned off during the configuration process.

#3. Go to Settings and location service and enable only “use GPS satellites”.

#4. The next step is to activate developer option in the Settings menu by going to setting > about device > tap the Build number 7 times until you get the confirmation prompt.

#5. After activating this option, go back to the root setting menu and enter the developer option submenu. Once in, enable the “Allow mock location” option by ticking the box next to it.

#6. For those running 6.0 and above, you’ll be asked to select a mock GPS app from within the Developer option menu after enabling the mock location. Just select the one you’ve installed.

#7. We are now done with the configurations. Go back to the spoofing app, inside the app select GPS only then select a location of the map. Other apps and services would be spoofed into thinking that they are in the selected location.

Try these easy steps and get back to us on how effective it proved to be in the comments below.

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