How to Clear Cache on Android to Remove App Data from Storage

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A cache is basically a temporary storage area for quick access to data which would otherwise be downloaded from the web every time it is required.

Almost all your apps have cache files and data which essentially take up storage space on your Android phone or tablet. While cached data is good for improving performance, it should also be cleared regularly to prevent your phone’s memory from clogging up and slowing down your phone.

Another major advantage and use of clearing the cache is to fix apps which have crashed or become corrupted. Sometimes an app on your Android phone or table can give you persistent startup errors or crash on startup due to corrupted data, such an app can be fixed by clearing its app cache. Hence, in this guide we’re going to tell you how to clear cache on Android phones and tablets to remove app data from your device’s storage.

Method 1: Clear Cache for a Single Android App

If you want to clear the cache for a single Android app, you can easily do it with the simple instructions here. Just go to Settings>Applications and then tap the application you wish to clear the cache for.

One the next page, scroll down a bit to look for the clear cache button and tap it to clear the cache.

Android App Cache Clear Settings

Browse your apps and select one for clearing cache.

Android App Clear Cache

Tap the “clear cache” button after selecting an app.

Method 2: Clearing Cache for all Android Apps

If you don’t want to clear the cache for your Android apps one by one, you can also opt to clear the cache for all apps on your Android device in one go.

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Again, to go Settings, but this time open up the Storage tab to proceed. Look for the “Cached Data” option on the storage settings page and then tap on it to get a warning about clearing cached data for all apps by proceeding. Tap on “OK” to proceed and clear all the cached data on your Android phone or tablet.

Clear Android Cache Settings

Look for Cached Data in your storage settings page.

Android Clear Cache for All Apps

Tap on “OK” to clear all cached data.

We hope you now know both the methods for clearing the cache on Android phones and tablets. This should effectively solve most common performance and app issues you might be facing and is a good practice for improving your device’s performance after every few months.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this Android guide please feel free to comment below and let us know.

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