How Android Apps Reviews Online Help Increase App Downloads

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There are almost 500,000 apps available to the Android market out of which around 345,000 are active applications. Each mobile user has their own needs and likes in terms of  the apps they download. And research has shown that most people do not depend on their social circle for reviews before downloading them.

What is left with them are the reviews available to them online. So, the most significant aspect of promoting any application today is getting it reviewed online. This allows potential users to easily find and download your app, increasing its downloads.

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One of the best ways to encourage more downloads is actually getting more positive reviews. Not just algorithms and SEO will increase your app rankings but users will be more inclined to download your app if it has a positive reputation.

Usually App users depend on the reviews posted by other App users before getting the Android Apps they want to try. If they see bad reviews or low ratings, it is needless to say, they don’t really want to give it a chance.

Also, both App stores (iPhone) and the Play Store (Android) take reviews and ratings into account while ranking the apps. So, if an App gets multiple negative ratings, its ranking falls significantly. On the contrary, if the app gets a positive reviews and ratings, it is pushed to the top ranking in the search results.

One of the most effective ways to receive positive rating and reviews from users is to use push notifications on the right time. Usually the same is done after 5-10 sessions in the app. The push notification strategy is used by several prominent apps and games, including 8 Ball Pool and Clash of Clans.

On the other hand, you can escape negative rating and reviews by offering the best experience to your users. To start with, correct any bugs as soon as possible is a good approach. Also, providing your end-users with a point of contact (may be a toll free number or a support email) to reach out in case of complaints is essential.

To help your app get positive reviews, here are 3 things you can do:

1. Use an App Review Plugin

The quickest and the easiest way to get positive reviews from user is to ask for it. Turn-key plugins are available for iOS and Android users to prompt the users to review your app.

There is an App called ‘Appirater’ meant for iOS and Android users where it prompts the users to review the app after a set time period.

2. Offering Incentive to Users who Review Your App

People do not like popups. So, some Android App developing companies offer incentives to users in the form of point or free offers to get positive reviews. After all, everyone loves love free stuff, and there is nothing wrong in getting a gift for just a review.

3. Leverage Help Shift to Provide Direct Support to Your Users

Exceptional customer service is undoubtedly the best way for a good app review. It’s quite easy to send a feedback form to user. But a call back number can help App support to get in touch with users and resolve any issues through live, instant messaging. This is possible using Help Shift, a productive application help desk tool that can work wonders for your app’s ratings.


No matter how well-designed your app is, you need to put enough effort to promote it to maximize more downloads.

With today’s competition, every App developing company needs to develop innovative app promotion strategies to get their developments highlighted in a positive manner. The above mentioned steps should be good to get you started and you should look into providing top-quality support to maximize ratings and rankings.

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