Hitman Sniper for Android Available for Download on Play Store Now

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Hitman: Sniper, the much-awaited Android game is now finally available for download on the Play Store, but it isn’t a free game and will cost you $4.99.

Developed by Square Enix Montreal, the game was announced last year, but its release was delayed until now for both Android and iOS.

Whether you’ve played Agent 47 in the original Hitman series for PCs or not, its hard not to like the stoic assassin being all professional about his…work, but where the original games were elaborate, there are obvious limitations when you set out to recreate the same experience on mobile devices.

Square Enix Montreal initially tested the waters with Hitman GO, which was an interesting take on creating a strategy based action game tailored for phones and tablets. The game was a huge success and well worth the money, which is why Hitman: Sniper has also had a positive reception.

The good thing here is that Square Enix seem to understand the difference between mobile platforms and traditional PC/Console gaming. Instead of simply porting existing Hitman games to mobile devices, they’re visibly making efforts to customize the gameplay for mobile devices.

Hitman Sniper for Android Download Play Store

In Hitman: Sniper, you are the Hitman, and you are sniping the criminal elite from various vantage points across Montenegro. If you’ve played Sniper Elite on the PC, you’d be familiar with the sniping dynamics in Hitman: Sniper, where you can hold your breath, zoom in, and take a precise headshot for the kill.

The challenge here is in identifying your target, waiting for the perfect opportunity and then taking a clean shot. According to the game’s official details, you get to play over 150 different missions and unlock new, more powerful sniper rifles as you go along. If all this sounds good to you, download the game now from the Play Store link below.

If you download and try Hitman: Sniper for Android, we’d love to hear your experience playing the game and whether you think it’s worth its $4.99 price. Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

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