GURUS Influencer Awards are Opening New Doors for Influencers and Bloggers

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With the pace with which different social media platforms gained popularity, it was only a matter of time until popular influencers from across these platforms were awarded and recognized for their efforts.

Influencer awards aim to highlight rising and famous social media stars and web celebrities – recognizing them for their contributions to the online marketing space. Events, like the upcoming GURUS AWARDS are great platforms for newcomers to gain a popularity boost and get recognition.

As of 2019, there are a host of Influencer Awards out there, each catering to different social media platforms. However, in 2020, GURUS AWARDS is launching one of the biggest industry events, recognizing influencers, online marketers and social media stars across a variety of categories and niches.

Given how the influencer marketing space is growing, there is a need for formalization and official recognition for some of the most reputable web celebrities, and that is what GURUS AWARDS aims to achieve.

Influencer awards such as this also allow social media celebrities to network and form relationships with other influencers. This allows newcomers to learn from industry experts, allowing them to improve and build relationships with other influencers, which can lead to potential collaborations in the future.

Ultimately, by participating in high-profile influencer awards, new influencers have the opportunity to secure sponsors and partnerships, or at the very least, show up on the radar of potential advertisers and marketers looking for new brand ambassadors.

Lastly, winning an influencer award is a sign of prestige in itself. Newcomers can not only brag about their awards but can also use them to negotiate better contracts with advertisers and marketing agencies.

There are several different influencers awards that social media influencers can participate in, but the key here is to pick events which are comprehensive in their coverage and attract the best talent, opening new doors for all attendees – GURUS AWARDS promises to be such an event, kicking off officially in April 2020.

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