Google’s Project Jacquard Gives Birth to a New Denim Smart Jacket From Levi

One OEM which is well known for brilliant initiatives and innovations is the search engine Giant Google and we saw they have proved their abilities yet again with the introduction of Project jacquard which brings your clothing into the tech world.

Demin maker, Levi has quickly hop aboard this band-wagon to become the first designer to make an outfit based on the Jacquard Project. Plans are already in place to bring in a denim jacket which is geared towards the cyclists out there.

The work here is simple as you would need undivided attention on the road whilst on the go so the folks over at Levi have put in some pretty niche gestures to make interaction with the jacket like touching the sleeves to change the song or use other apps.

The I/O developer’s conference which just was held recently was the platform wherein Google used a prototype to showcase the expected abilities of this jacket once it goes live. We were shown how to change tracks and pause music with a simple swipe over the edge of your sleeve as well as performing other tasks.

Thanks to the jacket’s Bluetooth capability, you would be able to interact with your smartphone. And “YES” it can thrust into a dishwasher or washed manually without any harm to the touch sensitive fabric but only after you have removed the Jacquard tag which contains electronic components and the battery as well.

Although Levi has started up works with the Jacquard project, it doesn’t mean that this idea is exclusive to Levi as Google has made it clear that this project is open to another other designer who has interest in it. This jacket however would be made available for purchase in 2017 but beta tester would get one as early as this fall.

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