Google Shelves Plan for Physical NYC Outlet, No Store for Now

Resident New York City fans of Google have been eagerly awaiting it’s rumored move to open a retail location in the big apple. Unfortunately, it looks like any such plans have been taken off the table, at least for now, as the tech giant is currently seeking to sublease the property that was supposedly mean to be its new NYC retail location.

Although Google has been coy on what their precise plans are, it is reported that millions of dollars have been spent renovating a property in Soho. The reasons for the sudden cancelation remain unclear and we can only speculate as to why Google won’t be opening up shop in New York City anytime soon.

Google Physical Store Plans

Of course, having a physical retail location is a major deviation from what has been Google’s e-commerce model, which has worked for them so far, but the move to open up a physical retail store would have brought the company much closer to its die-hard fans, which, alas, is not to be. In all probability, this store would have been more of a show-room with some selected Google wares such as Chromebooks and the Nexus devices on the shelves, as opposed to an actual sales location for everything Google.

To be fair, no one really knows for certain if Google is completely pulling out of it’s alleged plans to open this retail store as it might be that they simply decided to open a store in a different location; but then given the fact that Google stands to lose nothing less than $2 million in sunken costs, this seems rather unlikely.

The more avid tech reader out there might recall, though, that this would not be the first time Google is making such a dramatic U-turn on rumored plans to open a physical retail outlet. Way back in 2013, a swarm of rumors that Google would open a retail store, made the rounds quite a bit before dying a natural death. With Google remaining silent amidst the rumors, one can only wonder what it has planned next.

What do you guys think about a physical Google store? Would it work as well as the Apple stores? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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