Google Rolling Out New Tools For Game Developers

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The preview version of Android N was released just over a week ago which actually came at a bit of a surprise — clearly, Google isn’t slowing down and intends to fasten the development phase of the next iteration of its Android software.

The search giant recently announced new tools which are aimed at developers to make it easier to launch, advertise and promote their game titles. This is big news especially for those that consider themselves to be independent developers because Google is creating a whole new section dubbed Indie Games for them.

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As the name suggests, it’s a one-stop shop for those looking to try out games designed and developed by independent devs. Developers are also going to be given access to a new video recording API (Application Processing Interface) which is created by Google. The API will let devs integrate a video recording function in apps allowing players to record gaming sessions which can later be shared through YouTube.

Google adds new video recording feature for devs

Google also recently began testing “Stream Apps” which is also available to developers. It will appear as search trial run ads. The new feature is pretty smart actually as it will allow users to stream and play few minutes of a game before finally downloading it. Basically, you would be able to stream the game like you would with a YouTube video and try out a few minutes of it to see if you like it or not.

Game Streaming feature from Google

The final addition is how virtual currency is moved around the app store. There are games that allow for in-app purchases where users can buy things usually upgrades and powerups for their in-game characters. The new feature will make it possible for developers to change the cost of powerups and the likes without having users redownloading the game.

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