Google Promoting Virtual Reality With The Introduction Of A New VR Section On The Play Store

Google is putting the pedal to the metal in the promotion of virtual reality and its cheap virtual reality headsets by creating a new VR section on the Google Play store.
The new section is everything VR by highlighting the VR viewers on sale like Google’s own Cardboard viewer, Mattel’s View-Master and Tech C1 Glass VR viewer from the tech company.

Google Cardboard
The section also gives an explanation of virtual reality: -what it entails and how it interacts with your smartphone while providing links to purchase other Cardboard-based VR viewers.
Taking it even further, the Tech giant has collaborated with Mcdonald’s in Sweden to add an extra bonus to their meals every time a purchase of the fast food’s “Happy Meal” is made.

The promotion is expected to last for a limited period of time as there are only 3500 units available for sale. Starting from 5th of March to the 12th, 14 outlets in Sweden will be bundling Macdonald’s with real working virtual reality headsets.

Happy Goggle
Like Alcatel are supposedly going to do with their packaging for idol 4s, the boxes will transform in Virtual reality headsets called “Happy Goggles”. The device is something similar to Google’s Cardboard and all it requires is for you just cut out the dotted lines, fold it, slid in the lenses and your smartphone then Voila! you have a functioning VR headset that amazingly cost $4.10 with food.

Don’t expect to get the same virtual reality experience like with the more expensive Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive but it does appear to be an affordable introduction to Virtual and augmented reality.

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