Google Play Protect Now Reportedly Rolling Out to Android Devices

Sometime in the first quarter of this year, the California-based giants introduced its Google Play Protect technology that basically notifies a user when a particular application is believed to be unsafe.

The company, however, has now reportedly begun pushing out this feature to Android devices seen running Google Mobile Services 11 or later.

Going by one report, the search giants claim that the Google Play Protect feature has now started making its way to users on the Android platform, thereby allowing users to see that their applications have been scanned to ensure that they are safe.

While users are expected to get a notification of the feature, users that are still yet to receive it can check for its availability by heading to Settings > Google on any Android device.

Additionally, the company has announced that the Play Protect card will take time before showing up on the Google Play Store, so users that are still yet to receive it, will just have to wait for a while.

Apparently, the Google Play Protect feature scans applications in the background and users can also manually task the feature to begin a search for an ‘’abnormal application’’ behavior.

Putting into consideration the fact that Android has long been hassled with loop holes that have granted malware to even get remote access to the handset – this new security feature will inform users about the unsafe applications and will prevent them from installing malicious apps that can potentially affect their security.

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