Google Just Tweaked Google Maps To Make Playing Pokemon Go Enjoyable

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Niantic may not actually be a part of Google any longer as it has slowly forged a path of its own. The company’s name has been on everybody’s lips lately as it is largely responsible for the creation of the ongoing Pokemon Go craze.

Google is looking to making playing the Game easy as the Search giant recently added a new expansion to the activity selector in the Timeline feature of Google Maps yesterday: Users can now show that they were “catching Pokémon,” i.e. playing Pokémon GO on their smartphones.

Users can even redesign Timeline activities on the Android application: go to “Your timeline,” tap on the travel (bus, car, walking, cycling, and so forth.) icon, and after that alter it to “getting Pokémon.”.

In case you’re not acquainted with the Timeline feature, it’s a unique little something concealed somewhere down in Google Maps that (I’m speculating) just a little division of the aggregate user base really pays consideration on.

Google Maps Pokemon Go

Timetable permits clients to see a review of where they’ve been, and in the event that they happened to utilise Maps’ route or driving mode to get there, it will basically give them an orderly guide of how they were travelling.

The timeline is, for the most part, programmed, however, it can be altered; for instance, somebody who’s wheelchair-bound can alter a travelling passage from “walking” to “by wheelchair” for more precision.

Adding Pokémon getting to the rundown of activities is most likely even more of a novelty than whatever else since it’s basically simply walking with a couple of logical stops to toss digital balls at polygonal creatures.

Google Maps Pokemon Go

Another Pokeball graphics has been spotted in a late Google Maps for Android release a month ago, however, we’re not certain precisely, when Google really included the feature.

Additionally, I imagine that this implies Google is presently preferred following Pokémon over Niantic is, in any event until they reveal that new tracking function for more gamers. Which they ought to do. Niantic. We are waiting.

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