Google is Following in the Steps of Apple’s App Store with the Introduction of Subscription 2.0

Not too long ago, Apple took up center stage to announce the new different changes it has made to its apps subscription and discovery methods and following in their stead is Google. The folks over at the Fruit Company put in place different plans amongst which saw Phil Schiller be in charge of the App Store, and the outcome is that from now on, app adds would be added to search results allowing devs to be more famous as well as their applications.

These new plans also gives users the chance to subscribe for games, dating apps and online streaming services amongst the many others. If an app user has been using a developer’s app for more than a year, the Cupertino Company would reduce the percentage of the revenue they take from 30% to 15% attracting many devs to create new apps for the store.

Google Play Store

The search engine Giant might just be having something similar cooking which has been tagged with the moniker Subscription 2.0 which act almost like Apple’s own, immediately reducing it 30% revenue cut to 15% for all app subscription service sold through the Play Store.

If this turns out to be a reality, everyone one would be entitled to lower subscription prices. Google as of now offers publishers and other sub service vendors the chance to keep it all as long as payments are being processed by them themselves. However, for the individuals who can’t be troubled, and still need a wider client base and popularity that the Play Store offers, then the Subscription 2.0 is the way to go, if it sees the light of day.

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