Gods of Olympus Coming to Android Soon (Beta Testing Live)

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There have been a few interesting games about Olympian figures released for iPhone and iPad of late. Gods Of Rome, arguably the most prominent of them, is available for Android too. But we now know that one of the most inventive titles in this or any other genre is heading to Android in the near future as well.

The folks at Aegis Interactive, the developer behind Gods Of Olympus, have announced a beta test that fans can participate in as the final touches are made to develop the game for Android devices. We don’t have an exact timeline on when those final touches will be wrapped up, but given the popularity of the game on iOS and the beta launch, it seems to be a priority for the developer. So what exactly will Android users be getting when a Gods Of Olympus app is officially released?

Android Gods of Olympus Game

In terms of gameplay, Gods Of Olympus is actually difficult to explain because it’s unlike most popular mobile games. It’s a city building and conquest strategy game in which you compete against other players to build the best ancient city and civilization. That means erecting buildings and defenses while positioning armies to protect your city and attack other lands.

However, your mode of attack is pretty unique for a strategy game. Instead of directing armies and effectively waiting on a RISK-style roll of the dice to see who wins, you actually command Olympian gods (who tower over the cities) in real-time combat. In other words, you’re basically a giant with superpowers trying to take down enemy defenses. This is explained in some more detail at the iOS page for the game.

The character roster is another exciting element that sets this game apart. You can embody the likes of Zeus, Athena, Ares, Aphrodite, Apollo, Hades, and Artemis—and more gods are going to be added as the game continues to develop.

This actually follows the pattern of some of the aforementioned Roman- and Greek-themed games that are getting more popular. Gods Of Rome, the other mobile game mentioned before, has added characters to its roster over time.

This lineup—the “Age Of The Gods” series—appears to be expanding simply to rope in more figures. It’s hard to know exactly where Gods Of Olympus will go in this regard, but the app page promises more gods soon, which implies a similar growth pattern to other apps and online games.

And finally, it should be noted that there are a few unique features that enhance this game even beyond its intriguing setting, characters, and gameplay.

For instance, as noted in Gamezebo’s positive review of the game, building times on structures are instantaneous. That sets this apart from most similar strategy games, which tend to involve annoying wait times when you want to build something new.

Additionally, this is a deeper and more interesting experience than what we’re used to, mostly because of the unique skill sets of each of the gods you control paired with the ability to collaborate with allies while attacking and defending.

All things considered, Gods Of Olympus should be a very strong addition to the Android store!

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