Glide Set To Release Video Calling App For Android With Support For Android 6.0 Wearables

Following the new Marshmallow update that came to Android wearables less than five days ago, app developers are now looking to support video chat for smartwatches — thanks to Android 6.0. The new update from Google will also make it possible for apps to use inbuilt speakers of smartwatches (that have them), to make loudspeaker calls —  a feature that was unsupported by the previous versions of the Android Wear OS.

Though only a few devices come equipped with speakers, many smartwatch manufacturers are expected to introduce the functionality into their future wearables.

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Glide has been making apps for the iOS for over a year now and it would seem the App developers are going to try their luck with Android platform and reportedly working on the first app to support video messaging on Android wearables. It is unclear how the app will be integrated with the new software update or how it will be implemented on smart wearables but it is a welcomed and interesting to news for wearables with speakers.

Receiving and replying voice and video messages without ever needing to take your smartphone out of your pocket is in itself quite revolutionary. Though it would seem quite intriguing that the future seems to catch up to us faster than we could have anticipated, however, there are some downsides. The smart device space has moved from smaller displays to bigger ones, having to watch a video message through a 1.5-inch LCD screen can be a bit awkward if not embarrassing.

But smartwatches are a new tech revolution and as it continues to grow, there will be new ways to use them and new features to improve both in their appearance and importance.

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