Gardenscapes Comes to Web After Mobile Success

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After delighting mobile gamers worldwide, Gardenscapes is now coming to the web. An online version of the acclaimed Gardenscapes match 3 game is now available on PC, for match 3 puzzle aficionados and adventure lovers of all ages to enjoy.

Although mobile gaming has become increasingly popular over the years, there’s something to be said about the charm and enjoyment of playing games on the web – a practice which is unlikely to ever die out completely. Looking for a way to unwind at home, or something fun to do at work while still appearing to look busy on your laptop? Web games are where it’s at, and Gardenscapes is an excellent option.

Whether you’re looking for some challenging match-3 puzzles or an engaging storyline, Gardenscapes has it all. The broader objective of the game is to restore an old garden to its former glory (the keys to which are now in your possession) by solving puzzles and collecting rewards, but Gardenscapes comes packed with so much more.

The game features a charming butler named Austin, who will be your loyal companion and trusty aide in renovating the magnificent and mysterious garden. There are more than 2,000 mind-bending but enjoyable puzzles to solve, lots of design and décor decisions to be made, an engaging and adventurous storyline filled with surprises, fun, quirky characters, and an adorable pup you can train.

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As you solve puzzles, complete tasks and progress through the plot, more themed garden areas will open up for you to decorate using varied style options.

In addition, the game is kept updated with fresh content and exciting weekly events in which you can challenge and compete with other players. Gardenscapes also has an active online community of enthusiastic players on multiple social networks, and given how online games have become increasing popular over the last decade, Gardenscapes should do fairly well.

To enjoy all this and more, simply sign up at the official site or sign in using your Facebook account, and start playing the Gardenscapes match 3 game.

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