Free Android Wear FORM Watch Face Released by Roman Nurik

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Roman Nurik, the name behind Dash Clock, the wildly popular Android widget, has now released a new Watch Face for Android Wear, called FORM.

Before you start thinking of customization options like Dash Clock, know that FORM is simple and minimalistic, and does not nothing more than telling you the time, in a funky way.

The typeface used by Nurik is the one Google used for the FORM 2014 conference, and the overall design of the watch face is very “material”.

Roman Nurik Android Wear FORM Watch Face

Download from Google Play

Changing colors is the most customization you can do, and the watch face won’t tell you the weather, unread notifications or battery backup. However, if you’re using the Muzei live wallpaper, which is also developed by Mr. Nurik, you can select it as the background for your watch face.

According to Nurik, the watch is a great example of Android’s capabilities. He talks about how the watch face utilizes three different APKs and you can read his detailed explanation on a post he published on Medium.

What do you think about Mr. Nurik’s new creation? If you like it, you can download it completely free from the Play Store (link above). If you try it on your Android Wear watch, do share your feedback by commenting below.

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