Flash Sale: Haier G6 Now Available For $45.99 on Gearbest

Watches are no longer just timekeeping apparatuses anymore, technology has paved the way for new exciting innovative ways to use the wrist-worn gadget.
An Early version of the device was spring driven and later incarnations saw the use of the balance spring and the balance wheel for better accuracy.

Now watches are miniature computerized wearables with the function that preceded beyond allowing the wearer to keep track of time.

Though early iterations of these smartwatches perform the just basic task like calculating now watches have calories intake calculation capabilities, sleep monitoring functions and much more.

The recent bomb in the demand of these wrist wearables has seen the market flooded with different kinds suited for different categories of the society.

There are premium versions that are mostly associated with big companies like Samsung, Sony, and Apple; equally, there are those that are aimed at those looking for cheaper alternatives or if you may, the entry level market.
Haier G6 Bluetooth smartwatch should be at the top of the wishlist for anyone looking for a cheap variation of the Apple Watch or the Samsung Gear 2 as it offers all the functionalities of a smartwatch at an affordable price.

Haier G6

The wrist wearable is powered by an MTK2502C processor. MediaTek did mamge to equip this chip with most recent technologies including BLE 4.0 combined with the company’s power efficient technologies incorporated  — hence the 340mAh Lithium-ion polymer battery lasting you more than a day with average use.

Haier G6

Additionally, the watch comes with a Heart rate monitor which is quite handy these days and tracks your daily workout routines to help you keep fit and stay healthy.
Added functions include Sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, and a Pedometer, all of which are important in reminding you to take a rest made possible by calculating a number of hours spent sleeping, walking or running.

Haier G6

There is Gesture control which is quite convenient especially when receiving calls from your phone, all social networking notifications are displayed on the screen through its Information push feature.

Haier G6


The watch allows you to control both music and the camera on your phone and seamlessly synchronize with your handset allowing you to check messages, see contacts and check your call log.

A nifty feature is when you raise you wrist and the device turns on and you can track and locate your handset if misplaced by vibrating or ringing it to tell you where it is.

Haier G6
Appearance wise, the smartwatch features a 1.22-inch display with a resolution of 240 x 204 and can still be recoverable if submerged in water as its resistant to the common elements.

Haier G6
There is a flash sale currently going on at Gearbest, with a 38% discount. Those looking to buy it will only need to shell out $45.99.

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