Firefox To Cease Development On Its OS After Version 2.6 Thanks To Harsh Market Conditions

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Mozilla Firefox is reportedly working on ceasing development of the Firefox OS for smartphones during the coming months. The company is said to be shifting its focus from smartphones to “connected devices” such as smart home devices and IoT.

The company said it will no longer have any staffs working on the project after the month of May this year and development of the OS will cease after the release of version 2.6 but since the project is based on an open-source programme, it is likely that smartphones will continue to run the OS even after the said date.

The Firefox Phone powered by the Firefox OS

Mozilla’s Firefox OS is was originally base off of a free and open-source platform, that not just allows customization and provides support for web apps but also offer extensive support to a wide range of devices including tablets, phones and even entry-level products. With the ever shrinking cost of entry-level smartphones and the already saturated smartphone space dominated by Apple, Google and others, Mozilla realizes that it will be very difficult to keep up with the competition.

The Firefox Os Logo

Despite the withdrawal of Firefox OS from the smartphone circle, other companies are pushing to build alternatives to Andriod, Windows Mobile and iOS. Ubuntu for smartphones is continually being develop by Canonical and we also saw Jolla quit its hardware production to focus more on the Sailfish OS.

Though, It is important to point out that it will take a long time fbefore the new players can catch on to the big boys (Andriod, IOS) but it is refreshing for devices owners to have more options to choose from.

What are your thoughts on the Firefox OS platform? do you think the Mozilla folks quit too early? Let us know in the comments section below.

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