FeatureFocus: Android 7.0 Comes With a Partial Screenshot Feature

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It is kind of stressful when you have to hold the power and volume down buttons just for the purpose of a screenshot and that is why people were happy when Samsung had an alternate method for taking screenshots for a while but it didn’t last for long.

However, one question still stands. What if you only want to capture a portion of the screen? Android 7.0 would soon be unveiled and alongside its many features includes codes for capturing partial pictures.


It is very simple; all you need to do is hit the specific keys to the screenshot, using your fingers crop the part of your phone or tablet’s display that you are interested in saving. As soon as you lift up your finger, the image gets saved. So instead of saving and then editing screenshots, you could do both.

Now, how effective or lasting this would be isn’t a fact users would forgo because if the Android 7.0 doesn’t last above the time frame of the previously attempted screenshot button technologies then we could as well stick to our method of power and volume buttons.


People everywhere ate in high anticipation for its unveiling. Samsung might have kicked this invention rolling, however; it looks like Google is at least considering bringing native partial screenshot functionality straight into the core of its operating system.

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