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Automation is the way of the future and it’s helping businesses scrape back their scarcest resources: time and money. Today we’re reviewing a very useful app, ezyCollect’s accounts receivable software.

ezyCollect’s automation solution lets you be hands free when it comes to sending overdue invoice reminders to late payers. More than that, it’s a complete debtor management application ideal for businesses generating large numbers of invoices each month.

ezyCollect is among the best in the field because of their focus on best practices in accounts receivable management. They work on getting overdue invoices paid, returning working capital to businesses, and saving money on labour and cash flow financing. It is no secret that automation saves hours each week in administration time.

Best Practice Principles

– Consistently send overdue invoice reminders
– Persist until a cash collection is made
– Respect the customer relationship
– Assess credit risk
– Get deep insights quickly

How it works

ezyCollect integrates with popular accounting platforms MYOB and Xero (with more integrations under development). The app is always syncing with your accounting data to instantly map (you get great visuals and charts) the amounts owing and overdue in your business.

Every customer’s current credit history with your business is cleanly documented—you’ll see all open invoices and amounts overdue, even a history of communications. You can manage every debtor detail in one place.

ezycollect Android App

You customise the communication workflow in the app as well — this is the series of system-generated reminders (email, SMS, post) you want overdue customers to receive.

Hit start, and the software will start communicating with your overdue debtors for you. And all reminders look and sound like they come from your business. Your debtors learn you are serious about getting paid, and sure enough, they start paying.

ezyCollect Features that reduce debtor days:

  • System-generated reminders that reach every overdue debtor, big and small (typically, overdue customers need at least 2 reminders and a phone call before they pay…)
  • Collated statements – the system collates all overdue invoices into one statement so your customer is not bombarded
  • Online payment gateway linked from reminders and invoices so customers can click and pay
  • The app produces a daily schedule of customers who are due a phone call
  • Credit check reports so you can assess credit risk before issuing credit terms
  • Credit monitoring so you are among the first to receive alerts about your customers’ negative credit events – take action sooner!
  • One-click access to legal demand letters and services to escalate your collections strategy
  • Automatically generated thank you emails—always valuing your customer

Who should use ezyCollect

Any business that issues a large volume of invoices to credit customers:

  • Construction
  • Wholesalers
  • Logistics
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Telecommunications
  • Manufacturers
  • Legal
  • Security
  • Advisory Services

User interface

ezyCollect Android App

ezyCollect has a clean and modern look. Lots of visuals to get immediate insight into the state of your accounts receivables. You can use ezyCollect on desktop and mobile. All reminders are mobile optimised too. The latest update (April 2017) makes it even more intuitive for users to navigate and take action.


ezyCollect’s impact on cash flow is undeniable. Overdue debtor days reduce and you collect the cash that you need to keep running and growing  your business. Use the ROI calculator to simulate the potential return you could achieve by using ezyCollect. The 30-day trial is the best way to start (for free!) After reviewing other options, ezyCollect is by far the most comprehensive set-and-forget solution in the market, backed by top class customer service.

Accounts Receivable Software
Accounts Receivable Software
Developer: ezyCollect
Price: Free
  • Accounts Receivable Software Screenshot
  • Accounts Receivable Software Screenshot
  • Accounts Receivable Software Screenshot
  • Accounts Receivable Software Screenshot

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