EleCam is a Budget VR Cam From Elephone Capable of 4k Video Recording

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360 cameras are fast becoming a norm in China and the world at large which has seen a rise in the number of OEMs manufacturing them. More competitively, these camera makers are now focusing on budget oriented 360-degree cameras with gadgets like the $130 Amkov Amk100S presently leading the way.

However, Elephone, a Chinese manufacturer, well known for their smartphone and smartwatch arm — with the Elephone W2 being the latest from their wearable sector, has just hopped onto the bandwagon with their very own 360 camera, the EleCam 360 offering features such as recording VR videos among others at a very reasonable price.

This OEM is seeking to expand their market like we saw last year when they came up with their Ele Explorer action camera and also recently saw them manufacture another decent gadget, the Elephone‘s Anycharger that proves to be all you need to have all your charging needs met, and now they have a VR recorder, it does not come to us as a surprise.

Following the trend of other new cameras out there, the EleCam should feature two lens with an F2.0 aperture which should be able to record together with a video sphere which is then stitched together to give you that 360 view.

The imaging sensor used in this VR cam is the IMX-117 from Sony which should enable you to take Ultra-HD videos at ease. The device is also equipped with Wi-Fi to help transfer content from it to external sources and also use an app to control it.

Although all we have to ourselves for now with regards to this device are renders, we believe more would be divulged soon so stay tuned.

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