EleCam 360 aims to be the worlds cheapest 360 camera at $149.99

Elephone is venturing into the growing universe of 360 cameras with their own device, the EleCam 360 which is on presale for just $149.99.

The next big things in the wearable camera market are 360 cameras. Almost everyone has a GoPro or GoPro style activity camera and yet, FPV supporters are on the lookout for more innovative ways to have more fun activities with the devices.

We have seen Samsung, LG and Ricoh dispatch their own particular 360 cameras over the past couple of months but they cost over cost $400 and it’s a bit difficult to root out a lot of money for them because the tech is still in its infancy and it’s at this junction that the EleCam 360 hopes to capture the hearts of potential buyers.The camera highlights two

The camera has two lenses which record video separately and then splice them together to create a 360 experience that you can even watch via a VR headset or on your smartphone.

Like many would expect, the EleCam 360 has WIFI with which you can connect it to your phone or tablet, a couple of simple buttons to cycle through menus and record videos, and a simple screen with which it displays information.

ele cam 360

We don;t know yet how good exactly the camera will be because it is a new technology but Elephone has given their new tech a 1500mAh battery which the organisation claims will be good to record for an hour.

Like almost all cameras. the camera comes with a couple of mounting accessories and you can pre-order online right now.

Are you a photographer? Or do you just love taking pictures? Whichever way, let us know if you’ll be bagging this one when it comes out or not in the comments section.

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