Dual-cam Huawei Mate 9 with Kirin 960 SoC Images Leaked

Huawei started off this year on the right track and still seems to be heading in the right direction as they have managed to reserve for themselves a spot on almost every top ranking OEM listings from different research firms based on market shares and smartphone sales.

They have dished out a handful of top-tier smartphones this year amongst which was their Huawei P9 smartphone that featured a dual-camera implementation and now, from the looks of things, its like this OEM is beginning to enjoy the use of dual-cameras as yet another device is expected to ship with this feature.


The device in question here is the flagship Huawei Mate 9 whose image was leaked a few weeks back showing what could possibly be the expected dual-camera sensor – as can seen in the image above.


Now however, fresh leaked images have shown up revealing another type of dual-cam which has a single sheet of glass covering both of its lens. This new images shows us that a circular LED flashlight would be used unlike those in the previous leak.

The difference on the back panel as we can see only comes from the camera side as the spherical fingerprint scanner just beneath the sensors still remains in the same position as it was in the other leaked images.


We are expecting the Kirin 960 SoC which has the big.LITTLE architecture to go official in some few months time and therefore their lies a possibility that this upcoming flagship from the Chines Giant’s might just come powered by it.

A 6 inch 2k screen is also rumored to make an appearance alongside 4GB of RAM and an expandable internal memory of 64GB. These specifications however are just rumors and therefor must be treated accordingly.

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