Download Walmart App for Android for Savings Catcher, Photo Prints & Online Shopping

The folks over at Walmart want you to “save money, live better” and their Android app helps you do exactly that. If you haven’t tried the app as yet and frequent Walmart, we recommend you give it a go because of all the reason’s we’re listing below.

To start with, let’s take a look at savings catcher, which, as claimed by Walmart, is unlike anything else. The idea here is to save you time and money and give you the best deal on items you buy by comparing the price you paid at Walmart with prices advertised by other stores in your area.

If the price you paid at Walmart is more than the price of that item elsewhere, Walmart will send you an eGift Card for the difference amount totally free. You simply have to download the Android app listed below and use your phone’s camera to take a picture of your Walmart shopping receipt – that’s it, whenever you save money on something you get notified and you can then either spend the saved money or see it grow. Check out the video below for more details on Walmart’s Savings Catcher.

If the Savings Catcher wasn’t enough for you, how about a quick availability check for an item you’ve been wanting to get? With Walmart’s app you don’t have to drive to your local Walmart to find out whether the items you want are available. Not only can you find out whether an item is available, you can also check out its price and it’s aisle location to find it quickly – how’s that for saving time?

If you buy your prescription meds from Walmart, the app also lets you place your orders online so you can simply drive to your nearest store and pick them up without having to wait. If you’re looking for new deals, products and reviews, app also shows you a weekly brochure of sorts with new products, their information and reviews.

Finally, another feature I personally love is the 1-hour photo printing facility offered by Walmart. You can simply take a picture with your Android phone, upload it via the Walmart app and order photo prints which you can then pick up from your local Walmart after about an hour.

Even if you’re not in the mood to drive out, you can browse’s online store for shopping and order items which are then delivered directly to your home or to your nearest Walmart for you to pick up. Online shopping is very convenient thanks to the tons of customer reviews available for almost anything. In case you wish to return any items, you can also manage that easily with your app and drop those items at your nearest Walmart for returns.

Developer: Walmart
Price: Free
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Have you tried Walmart’s Android app as yet? What do you think about its features? We’d love to hear your experience with the Walmart app and any tips you may want to share.

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