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Prisma, the photo editing app that has taken the world by storm, is now finally available on Android after being an iOS exclusive.

The app allows you to take photos via your phone’s camera or use existing photos and create ‘artwork’ by applying modern art filters.

While apps that apply filters to pictures and images are not new, Prisma takes a new approach, claiming the use of artificial intelligence in identifying the intricacies of all photos and applying filters to them reminiscent of legendary artists like Munk and Picasso.

Bandit Cat on Prisma

Our cat ‘Bandit’ getting comfy on the wife’s laptop.

Up until now, the Prisma app was only available to users of iOS, and since the app allows for fast photo sharing on social networks, Facebook and Instagram saw a spate of Prisma edited photos which also flaunt the Prisma logo, serving as an implication of the poster’s ownership of the much-coveted Apple iPhone.

Now however, the app is available on Android, and Prisma for Android has, at the time of writing, gathered more than 100k downloads in less than 24 hours.

How Prisma works is by uploading your image to their own servers, where then the filters are applied and the image is sent back to your phone where it renders and can be shared.

This also means their servers get a lot of load, and sometimes pictures take over 15 minutes to be converted to art.

A lot of times we also got an error message indicating that the server is busy and unable to convert our image due to a lot of users sending requests.

After all is said and done though, we have to admit that the quality of filters and the whole process where the image is analyzed before being altered is quite remarkable and makes for some stunning photos.

If you own an Android device and have been waiting all this while to try Prisma, now is your chance.

Prisma Photo Editor
Prisma Photo Editor
Price: Free+
  • Prisma Photo Editor Screenshot
  • Prisma Photo Editor Screenshot
  • Prisma Photo Editor Screenshot

Let us know how the app works for you by commenting below, and feel free to share your own great photos after editing.

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