Doppio is a Smartwatch With a Dual-Display – Video Included

Well it isn’t a new thing to hear the dual-screen implementation has made its way into the tech industry and its slowly becoming a thing which is well evident in some rumors including the one we covered aboutMicrosoft working on Flip-style E-ink displays for their future Windows-powered smartphones.

Such concept has also made it to a Doppio smartwatch which features a dual display. This dual display would enable you configure the screens in different ways as you would be able to rotate the screen from 90-1800 or simple rest one on top of another giving you a more tradition single screen view where in you can interact with apps by touching the screen.


Doppio in its early stage is pretty impressive as both screens are held together by magnets enabling you to connect the screen so that they are side by side giving you a larger and wider display altogether or more interestingly, you can simply detach a screen and bring it closer to view more details about the notifications on the second display.

Taking a look at the prototype of this dual-screen Doppio smartwatch  – as seen in the video below – we see a somewhat ugly looking wearable which has been patched together. However, it is highly unlikely that this would turn out to be the final product as we are hoping to see a classier and elegantly designed smartwatch as the end product.

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