Dodocool Releases Virtual 5.1 Surround Sound Earphones

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We have long been fans of dodocool and they have not stopped surprising us with their new innovations. This time around they’ve released a patented, virtual 5.1 surround sound earphone, similar to the popular Dolby sound effects.

The patented 5.1 Channel Frequency Division Technology delivers a 360-degree sound field which allows for immersion and enjoyment unlike regular earphones.

dodocool surround sound

Quality wise the earphones are built with high performance and precision drivers for exceptional bass with low frequencies reaching 3Hz.

This also means that the earphone is a solid choice for 3D gaming, allowing for directional sound sensitivity and perception. Noise filtering is also built-in with a patented design and apart from all these features, these dodocool earphones are also the smallest multi-channel stereo buds.

dodocool surround sound earphones

Currently these 5.1 surround sound earphones are priced very reasonably and you can view more details on the official page.

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As we mentioned earlier, the guys over at dodocool also have free tech review giveaways for geeks and you can also apply for a free review sample of this earphone by clicking the application link below.

Apply for Free Sample

If you’re interested in buying these earphones directly from Amazon, follow the link below and enter the coupon code here for a 34% discount.

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Coupon code: PBPH5LX5 (34% off)

What do you guys think of dodocool’s latest 5.1 surround sound earphones? We think they are a bargain at this price and worth the money for the quality and experience they bring. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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