Cyanogen OS 13.1 Brings The Long Awaited Mods For Twitter, Facebook and Skype

Android’s open-source nature has allowed for the creation of different variations and completely different take of the Mobile phone operating system.

Though the platform is somewhat completely under Google’s control and the tech giant is tirelessly working to make the mobile operating system something to marvel, with great new innovative features.

Yet device makers tend to add additional options, change the default home screen and in most cases add a large amount of bloatware to the version of the Android that ship with their devices.

In some cases, these preloaded apps bond well with the devices and offers users an extended list of features that the stock Android wouldn’t offer and other times, well, its bad.

Cyanogen 13.1

Cyanogen OS is one of the projects that look to offer a stripped down Android Version that offers powerful features and the development team behind of  the well establish Android operating system have released a new version.

Cyanogen 13.1

The Cyanogen 13.1 is the curtain raiser for the previously announced Mods concept — These are tightly integrated pre-installed software that is closely woven into the fabric of the operating system in a way that third-party apps cannot be.

Cyanogen 13.1

OnePlus One devices will be the first lucky receivers of the new Mods which comes with Cyanogen 13.1 and users are given the option of enabling the Mods or just disabling them if they want.

In a blog post, Microsoft stated that the Cyanogen OS support for mods represents “a step beyond apps that will change the way you use your phone”. One of the mods in the update offers Skype features in the Cyanogen phone app

“With the Skype mod in Cyanogen OS 13.1 you can quickly and easily start Skype conversations directly from the Cyanogen phone app, and seamlessly switch from a cellular voice call to a Skype video call when you call a friend with a Cyanogen or Android device. You can also choose to make calls using your cellular plan or Skype, and view your Skype Credit, top up or buy subscriptions to call mobiles and landlines using Skype’s low calling rates directly from the Cyanogen OS 13.1 phone app. Additionally, in the Cyanogen contacts app, you can now search, see and call your Skype contacts straight from the contact card.”

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