Create your Own Themes with HTC Theme Tool for HTC One M9 Android Phones

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HTC’s latest Android phone, the HTC One M9 comes with its own theming engine, which gives users much more flexibility and lots of options when it comes to customizing the look of their phone.

While there are tons of Android apps and themes available on the Play Store, HTC has released their own web version of the theming tool, allowing you to create your own themes alongside using those made by others.

You can simply visit the HTC Themes site and log in with your Google or Facebook account to start creating themes. Their web tool walks you through every step, asking you to pick an image for your wallpaper, adjust it, select the same one or different ones for the lockscreen and app drawer before moving on to color palettes and icon styles.

Set Wallpaper for HTC One M9 Theme

There are a lot of options here, for instance, even when you are choosing how icons will look on your M9, you can choose between 20 different themes, all of which are great, depending on your preferences. The best part is that even if you don’t like HTC’s presets, you can upload your own files as well.

HTC One M9 Change Font Theme

Once you are done with visual settings you can move on to choosing sounds for your ringtone, notifications and alarms. Finally, you can even select your own font to go with your theme and finalize it.

After you finish, you can save your theme and it shows up under “My Creations” and can be accessed with HTC Themes, which are part of Sense Home, available on the Play Store via the link below.

Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme
Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme
  • Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme Screenshot
  • Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme Screenshot
  • Sense Home Launcher-News,Theme Screenshot

If you missed the link earlier, you can visit the HTC Themes site and tell us what you think about it. Meanwhile, if you want more updates from us, you should follow us on Google Plus and subscribe via email – happy theming!

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