CoWatch is an Affordable High-end Smartwatch Featuring Amazon’s Alexa

For the most part, the tasks performed by smartwatches are also done by our smartphones so what exactly is the point of getting one? The answer is: there is no point whatsoever, for the most part anyway.

It is honestly a waste of money and if you are clumsy like me, it is not something you might be willing to invest in.

Having said all of that, the CoWatch, is a device that I would encourage you to try out, if you have the extra cash.

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For people like me who do not think much of China’s ability to innovate, the CoWatch has blown my mind in ways that the other smartwatches haven’t.

The CoWatch was created by Danny Dong but, of course, he couldn’t have done it all on his own; some of the best in the tech biz were selected to be part of this awesome project ranging from engineers to programmers.

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It was designed by iMCO Technology, a Chinese company and the CoWatch runs on Cronologics OS.

Cronologics OS has a little more to do pertaining to the operating system of the CoWatch; they had a slight issue with the software but co-founder and CEO of Cronologics, Leor Stern, has given his word that it will be refined as the launch day approaches.

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Even though CoWatch does the same things that other smartwatches do such as monitoring heart rate during workouts, keeping the wearer updated on the weather conditions, sending and receiving emails and sms texts and make calls, it is integrated with Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant Alexa!

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So , in a way, Amazon can give itself a pat on the back for breaking into the smartwatch market. And for those of you who do not particularly like Siri, because she can only understand you if you have an American accent, Alexa might just work for you. If it can work for the Chinese, then she should be able to comprehend my Gambian accent.

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Now, let’s talk specs.

With a stainless steel body which comes in two colors, silver and black, a super AMOLED display at a resolution 400 by 400 pixels, that is powered by a dual-core 1.2Ghz processor and an 8GB flash, this smartwatch is bound to be on the forefront. And I think you’ll like this too.

The Chinese company that created it says that it has a long battery life; it will stay on and running for 32 hours. Even when the screen is on!

The ceramic ring that is found on the underside of the watch can be customized to suit your preferred color that way, you wouldn’t look like everyone else who has a CoWatch. This little but important detail was revealed to us by the co-founder of the company, Eric Jin.

The leather band can also be changed to improve customization, and the strap has a material alternate to leather said Eric. Maybe that would be for you vegans out there (I am not judging you if you ain’t judging me).

If you were wondering where to get the smartwatch is now available on Indiegogo at $159. Compared to the other watches, it is a steal. Expect to see the CoWatch around June. What do you guys think? Comment below to let us know.

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