Chuwi Introduces New Power-Bank Chiwu Hi-Power With Qualcomm’s QC 3.0

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Earlier, we spoke about how we have seen manufacturers also put their hands and efforts into making other gadgets like Elephone did with their ELE Whisper headphones, and now, we are seeing Chuwi also try to diversify by picking up new projects.

This year alone, Chuwi has super flooded the slate spectrum with a whole line of tablets of different sizes and prices and now, they have set their gaze on hitting the tech market with a new power bank called the Chuwi Hi-Power Powerbank.

Chuwi Hi-Power powerbank

This device is pretty portable as it weighs in at just 195g with dimensions of 105.3 x 60.91 x 22.8mm making it a perfect fit for your handbag or suitcase of any size. It has a capacity of 10050 mAh, a Texas Instrument Control Chip bundled up with LG/Panasonic high-density cells.

Chuwi Hi-Power powerbank

The powerbank comes in with 2 ports, 1 normal USB port and 1 micro USB port as well which are graced with Qualcomm’s very own Quick Charge 3.0 and these ports can push out 18 watts of output and thanks to the Apple Charge Protocol it supports, you would be able to use this gadget to refuel your iPhone and your iPad as well.

Chuwi Hi-Power powerbank

This device is currently going on pre-sale over at this link before it is finally shipped out by the 25th of October with different colour options which include black and white. The price, however, is one that is really surprising as it would be sold at a pretty affordable price of just $22.99

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