Cheap Smartphone Gimbals are Taking Amateur Video-Making to the Next Level

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Smartphone videos have gotten so good in this decade that they have replaced dedicated cameras for all but the most passionate, hardcore photographers and video makers. However, even film-making is now going mobile with apps like Filmic Pro and cheap hardware accessories like iPhone gimbals.

Mobile Gimbal Camera Stabilizer
The popular DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal

Shaky footage marked amateur video-making in the early days and there were limits to technical shots that could be made with a phone. Now, gimbals have compressed years of skill and talent into a small device capable of allowing pure beginners to create videos with smooth pan motions, parallax effects, perspective shifts, point of view and so much more.

Footage shot using an iPhone with a gimbal

Even moving time-lapse videos have become so simple with gimbals, which are basically just portable camera stabilizers that can be set up on a wall, a rooftop or a busy public place to capture the comings and goings of people, cars, the sun, the moon and whatever else you fancy.

Moreover, the combination of action cameras and the variety of gimbals for GoPros and the like have made adventure videos so much more fun and professional-looking. Even though GoPro has its own built-in stabilization feature – HyperSmooth 2.0 – using a gimbal with a GoPro 7 or 8 can make stunningly pro-looking adventure and travel footage.

Finally, even drones benefit from gimbals, which can make drone-shot footage significantly less jittery and shaky, allowing for buttery-smooth aerial shots, mapping videos and so on.

Even though big movie studios use equipment which is much more expensive, advancements in mobile cameras and accessories like gimbal stabilizers result in footage today that is nothing to scoff at.

Are you an amateur film-maker? What do you think about filming with phones and portable cameras? Hit us up with your comments and let us know if you’ve got recommendations when it comes to choosing the best gimbal for phone cameras.

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