Bragi Just Released a Cheaper Version of Its Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds

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With the advancement of technology making it possible for Smartphone manufacturers to extremely trim down the shape and size of internal hardware – CPUs and RAMs –making space for niche add-ons like audio enhancements, handsets have evolved beyond just being means of communication but a tool for almost anything.

With companies like Lenovo/Motorola already ditching the 3.5mm headphone jacks and replacing them with USB Type-C ports and Apple reportedly using the same method on its upcoming iPhone 7, the wireless headphone market could become a hot and very lucrative business.

Bragi is already a well know name in the wireless headphones business and it became the first company to launch a truly cordless earbud it called the Bragi Dash earbuds.

The earbud was filled to brim with some truly remarkable features that include a very responsive touch-panel and activity tracking, but with a very expensive $299 price tag, the earbuds didn’t go well with those that do not want to spend huge chunks of money on headphones especially if there are less cheap alternatives that cost a fraction less.

To attract the moderate section of the cordless earbud market, Bragi is launching a cheaper version of its headphones it is calling “The Headphone.” The device is already available for Pre-order chopping $30 off the original price of $149.

To make the device cheaper, the company had to some sacrifices which includes rather than having a touch panel, the headphones are equipped with buttons that you can press once to play music or answer a call, Press twice to skip a song or three times to go back to the previous song.

There are additional two small buttons that function as volume rockers but these headphones lack the fitness tracking features found on its predecessor.

For connectivity, the earbuds use Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP and offers something called “Audio Transparency” which allows you to hear ambient sounds from around you through the earbuds, and supports passive noise isolation.

The Headphone has a MEMS microphone, a 100mAh battery for up to 6 hours of audio playback (or 250 hours of standby), and small, medium, and large tips to help the earbuds fit in your ears.

The pair of earbuds comes completely cord-free meaning there is no wire running from one to another.

Pre-order Here!

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