Blackberry Priv is Official and Will Set You Back a Hefty $699

After a lot of hype, speculations and years of waiting, the folks at BlackBerry finally came up with an Android device called Priv.

The research director for industry analysts IDC – Francisco Jeronimo said, “coming with a device that tries to address security on Android is a good idea, but may have been better three years ago. It will be difficult to regain clients who have already moved to other handsets, and it’s quite an expensive device”.

The blackberry Priv is one of a kind and tries to offer users the best of both BB OS and Android. Its keyboard is distinct, physical and neat, and currently no other Android device touts a similar keypad. Blackberry has obviously put in a lot of effort into Priv in order to win back its lost glory, or if you may, its lost market share.

The BB Priv comes with a 5.43 inches panel that has a Quad High Definition (2560 by 1440P) display that is curved on its sides.

BlackBerry Android Phone

There’s a rear sensor which is 18MP in resolution, accompanied by a dual flash and an OIS (optical image stabilizer). Its video coverage is also good, recording 4K (3840 by 2160P) at 30frames per second.

The rest of the specifications featured in the handheld include 32GB of internal storage which is expandable up to 200GB with an SD-card and a hefty 3410 mAh battery.

We also have Corning Gorilla Glass 4 to protect the display from scratches and drops. And while the specs are impressive, the phone’s price tag will be a little too daunting for most customers we feel.

Currently, the Blackberry Priv can be purchased for $699, which is a bit on the high side considering the company is trying to regain ground.

It is early to say so, but it is not very likely that the phone will be a huge success story, mainly because of the steep pricing. However, Blackberry users who have been on the fence are likely to jump at the opportunity without hesitation.

Do you think the BB Priv stands a chance in the market? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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