Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Go Live On GearBest – A Whopping 50% Discount On Most Products (Including Gadgets)

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Brace yourself! this year’s Christmas shopping season has come; 2015’s pre-Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales are already here with the biggest sales in the history of 2015 – all around the world.

A quick recap on what the hype on Black Friday is all about; this was originally a tradition that was started in the United States (specifically Philadelphia) back in the year 2000 which is now observed all around the world.

It is said that the aforementioned city’s police department coined the “Black Friday” term particularly because of the violence and traffic accidents that tend to occur during this time of the year when people went out for shopping.

black friday and cyber monday 2015

It eventually became a positive name when retailers came together to kill the rather negative connotation associated with this particular day – which was, of course, a very good point.

“Black Friday” is the next day after thanksgiving where goods are sold at ridiculously slashed down prices and these include tech gadgets and so many other goodies in stores all over the world (both online and physical store centers with deals that tend to last around 5days).

black friday gearbestWhile cyber Monday takes place after Thanksgiving (in the US). On this day, you can also get incredible bargains on numerous goods (mostly gadgets) exclusively in big online stores.

black friday gearbest 2

Currently, there’s a MASSIVE coupon giveaway on one of our favorites stores – GearBest; in preparation for your transaction on black Friday – which is the day after tomorrow where you get the chance to use your code.

You’ll be getting over 50 percent discount on most of the products available (head on to GearBest to find out more). The black Friday coupon code activates on the 27th of November by 5 am UTC/GMT while the cyber Monday coupon activates on the 30th of by 5 am UTC/GMT; all you have to do is share the product you would like to buy from the store (from now to tomorrow to get a coupon code).

cyber monday sales gearbest

However, only the first lucky 20 customers with coupon codes and with a completed order will get the listed discount on the product; so you’ll have to move pretty quickly on that day.

geartbest lucky draw

Like that isn’t enough, GearBest will also be holding a lucky draw to spice up its black Friday and cyber Monday deals. Will you be getting anything during this period from GearBest? let us know in the comments below.

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