Best iOS Emulators for Android to Run iOS Apps on Android

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Are you an Android fanboy and curious to have a taste of apps tailored for the Apple platform but don’t want to shell out huge chunks of cash to get a new iPhone? Well, fear not as there are numerous ways in which you can run iOS apps on your Android handset without breaking a sweat.

The Apple app store is accredited with having apps made for it first before they find their way to Android and sometimes the migration from the App Store to the PlayStore takes longer than one would like to wait for. One of the reasons for this delay is that app developers find it a lot easier to make apps for iOS due to the platform having a very closed ecosystem with very minute hardware form factor differences.

Regardless, there are two standout iOS Emulators for Android which are Cider and IEMU. Installing these apps is a walk in the park and if you are worried about performance, these apps are optimised to provide optimal performance when running iOS apps on nearly every Android handset.


iEMU iOS Emulator for Android

This iOS emulator is the first name when it comes to running iOS apps on Android. Not only does it perform at extremely high levels while maintaining stability, it has gone through numerous test to provide the highest optimal performance possible.

You will not however be able to use GPS or your phone’s camera with the emulator, but that is the case in general when it comes to iOS emulators for Android.

Features include:

  • Allows users to seamlessly have access to all iOS apps through their Android smartphones without the need to sacrifice performance
  • Compatible with most Android smartphones if not all of them
  • Completely cost-free
  • 1. First, you need to download the APK (link provided below).
    2. If downloaded using a computer, transfer the APK file to your Android device and initiate the installation process.
    3. When installation is complete, the app will create a shortcut called padiod.
    4. Open app using said shortcut and you are good to go.

Download iEMU APK – iOS Emulator For Android


Cider iOS Emulator for Android

Cider is an app that holds out it’s own when compared to IEMU. This emulator, though still in its developmental phase and needing polish, performs really well.

Though it is top notch performance wise, it does come with some drawbacks which include lack of GPS support, Bluetooth and other location base services. If you are willing to look beyond the app’s shortcomings, we recommend that you give it a shot via the download link below.

Download Cider APK – Emulator  For Android

We hope these iOS emulators work for you and you can try out your favorite iOS apps on Android. However, as mentioned earlier, most hardware features are unavailable with emulators and you shouldn’t really get your hopes up if you’re thinking you will be able to run all iOS apps without any hassles.

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